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After Years Of Making A Good Living, My Earnings Exploded Once I Realized The Secret Of This Multi-Platform Machine...




Super Star Marketing Consultants Are Using MULTIPLE Social Platforms To Spread Their Message Today...

These Income Scaling Methods Have Never Been Shared Publicly, You'll Be The First To See Them!

Read This To Discover How We Cover EIGHT Social Platforms Almost As Easily As ONE...

...and Literally Have More Clients Than We Can Handle.

Hey it's your friend Jeanne Kolenda, with a message that may very well knock you off your feet... but in this case, that's a good thing!

Think for a minute about the giant marketers you know of... y'know the ones you see all over the internet. It seems everywhere you turn, they pop up.... on podcasts, on internet commercials, in ads, on social media.

You know they do a massive business, they bring in huge money and they seem to own the space...


I'll tell you why...


They never, ever settle for ONE media platform.

This is a proven and obviously great strategy for us to copy...

EXCEPT for one thing!

Most of us don't have a staff of writers and designers and media placement people and others to track and monitor everything.

It takes a small ARMY to do all that, right?

...and who would PAY for that small army?

Well, that's the dilemma my little crew (myself, Lisa and Melissa) were facing.

We KNEW this strategy of Saturation Coverage online would vault us to the next level, but HOW could we accomplish this on a teeny, tiny budget?

See a few samples of what's inside this offer...

 How I Found The Answer 

The answer started with doing a little bit of socializing myself... as many of you know I attend conferences and meetings online and offline throughout the year.

It can be costly, but I'm living proof if you expect to earn big dollars, you will (inevitably) need to invest in yourself...

I believe that and I live that.

OK, back to what happened.

At a late night meeting, one of the big-hitters I respect asked me a simple question...

"Jeanne, why are you only represented on one social network after all these years? The big names in our business DIVERSIFY their promotion platforms. You don't have to spend their kind of money, but have you considered spreading your message on different social platforms?..."

...and I probably looked

like a stunned fish with

its mouth wide open.

I didn't know what to say, BUT I KNEW HE WAS 100% RIGHT.

How could I have missed this bigger, richer opportunity?

I mean, it's obvious that not everybody on the planet really 'uses' Facebook... Oh they may have an account but many rarely visit it at all! ...and once someone has a bad experience with FB they may quit and never use it again.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the big-hitter at the meeting that night was really saying...

"Think Bigger to Grow Bigger"

...and that's what I want YOU to do.

(but don't worry, as I'll show you exactly how.)

With the passing of time, I now see having a "Social Machine,' not just one platform, may be the fastest, cheapest way to accelerate your business (just as I'm doing with mine).

And while I think of it, remember I never suggest ANYTHING for you, unless I'm involved in it, too.

If you've been with me for any time, you know I'm VERY selective about what I endorse. (That's why I don't promote every Tom, Dick and Mary product that comes along.)

And a few more samples to whet your appetite! 


What you and I should aspire to is something that has LONGTERM ENDURING IMPACT...

See, the key to succeeding in today’s crazy marketing environment is to know how to essentially...

Neutralize the Competition!

Once you learn these Social Machine strategies, clients get easier to win and eventually can turn into a literal flood of opportunities!

The problem is, most consultants are still relying on the same old 1990's marketing to capture today’s clients.

That simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

The entire landscape has changed: for instance, which prospects to go after, how to approach them, what to say and how to close them are all different, aren't they?

 Do You Need a Traffic Tsunami? 

Marketers are always asking me, "Jeanne, how do I get more engagement with my audience and more traffic to my pages?"

It's a fair question, and I'm here to say building a Social Machine is the #1 Key to engagement and traffic.

Listen to this: I’ve been working very closely with a core group of experts to isolate the most lucrative, never-fail strategies that make social marketing unstoppable, recession-proof and lead to mega-profits...

(While most marketers are slashing costs across the board, afraid of what’s ahead, these consultant-marketers are lavishly adding to their bank accounts.)

Key Point: You do NOT need deep pockets at all to implement the strategies I’ll be sharing AND I'm over-the-moon excited when I think of ALL the benefits you'll enjoy, for instance:

  • Your Exposure to NEW Audiences Goes Up

  • Overall Traffic Increases

  • Engagement Explodes

  • Tracking Reveals Additional Opportunites

  • Natural Image Enhancement

  • Shows Off Your Expertise

  • More Opportunities to Land Clients

  • Clients can be PRE-SOLD

  • Multiplies Income

  • Honestly, I'm really just skimming the surface, since one benefit automatically leads to 2 or 3 others!

    ...in a way the whole thing is VIRAL...

    Hey, don't be surprised if it gets your heart racing!

    More samples of the goodies in this offer...

    Why Prospects and Clients Eat This Up!

    Lets be cold hard realists for a minute.

    We know prospects and clients only want one thing:


    As long as it's legal, and hopefully moral, they're OK with it...and that's understandable. They also don't care about the details, and definitely don't want to see the 'sausage being made,' as they say.

    The reason a Social Machine sells so well, it's taking social marketing to a whole new level.

    Social marketing done THIS way, brings:

  • Predictable Results

  • Repeatable Outcomes

  • Gives an INSANE Risk To Reward

  • The process I'm teaching is not a theory - it's been proven and now is predictable so no time or money is wasted. It can also be applied over and over again to different social platforms...And it produces a huge and growing income without spending big dollars.

     The EIGHT Power Players 

    Now let me introduce the core platforms...Every Social Platform is not our preferred choice...we ONLY want the ones proven to work for our marketing niche...ones tested to pull in motivated prospects. Ones that are responsive, ones that will grow organically.

    Specifically, The 'POWER EIGHT' are...

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • TikTok

  • Twitter

  • Google Business Profile

  • Do These Look Familiar? They Should!

    ALL of these platforms have Size, Good Growth Rates, Visibility, Status, Media Coverage, Aspirational Nature, Entertaining / Informational, Audience Acceptance, are Actionable and...

    ...are the bedrock of the Internet Social Universe!

    Combined, this Social Machine equals a 10,000 pound gorilla when it comes to reach and getting massive, constant attention...there's nothing else like it!

  •  No Surprise, CONTENT IS KING !

    To make this Social Machine blast our brand far and wide, we need lots,

    I mean LOTS of content!!!

    Yet, posting GOOD content every day is hard. Anyone can post every day... But putting out GOOD content each day is a whole different story!

    And when I say GOOD content, I'm talking about content that's funny...Or engaging...Or interesting and paints a picture...Or it tells an incredible story...

    That is NOT so easy to do. In fact most marketers quickly give up because the task seems too overwhelming.

    It's a shame to give up because a great marketing plan gets shelved since it seems like too much work!

    WAIT! - Granny Jeanne's

    Cavalry to The Rescue!

    My team has eliminated the content speed bump, and today I am handing you three great ways to solve it!

  • 1. You'll receive our quality starter content.

    2. Graphics will be accompanied by written comments.

    3. I'll offer you an option of having me and my team post these graphics for you to your Social Media Platforms.

    (yes, a very sweet deal)

    So, let me show you exactly what you'll get

    (and this is just for starters!)...

  • Training On exactly how to set up EACH Social Media Account correctly. No mistakes, nothing left out. ($199 value)

  • Training On The Importance Of Social Media Posting On Each Platform. Jeanne answers the BIG question: Why do this? ...and understanding the principle of "Omnipresence." ($99 value)

  • Training On How To See Analytics Within Each Platform. Shows you how effective certain posts are, seeing the growth in followers and engagement. Provides evidence to clients as well. ($99 value)

  • Sales prospecting training by Jeanne. Follow her simple step-by-step system and add clients quickly. ($199 value)

  • AND 60 Images EACH For Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube...That's almost 500 Images TOTAL! ($980 Value)

  • Don't Forget -- a new beautiful WordPress theme, fully loaded with content for Social Posting Agencies. Just what you need to impress prospects and close clients. ($499 Value)

  • Jeanne's "BEST DEAL PROMISE"

    If you can find any marketer who specializes in Social Posting offering a package with EIGHT, count 'em EIGHT Social Platforms and including 60 posting images for EACH (total 480 Images) for less than my price, I'll buy their package for YOU!

    Jeanne's "BEST DEAL PROMISE"

    If you can find any marketer who specializes in Social Posting offering a package with EIGHT, count 'em EIGHT Social Platforms and including 60 posting images for EACH (total 480 Images) for less than my price, I'll buy their package for YOU!

    One of my best marketing buddies, Bruce Newmedia, told me I was looney to offer all this for a price so low - "You're simply mad!" he said. Maybe, so before they cart me off to the Funny Farm, GRAB THIS and pay attention to the OTO's too; they're awesome!

    I'll never price ANYTHING this low again - EVER.

    Why mince words?

    This is a COLOSSAL Opportunity...

    Think of it as an early Christmas Gift.

    AND a way to leapfrog the usually slow pace of building up social media...


    At this point I'm no stranger, that's for sure!...

  • I won’t bring up unethical results you can't produce.

  • I won't mention silly 'Ninja tricks' that never work.

  • Even if you only add a few platforms to your existing collection, the difference will surprise you.

  • Starting immediately, I will show you exactly step-by step–how to develop a mind-boggling lead flow of the best clients with my marketing methods.

    AND, before you know it, you'll sit back and watch the clients flock to you like you’re the only game in town.


    “There’s a reason why Jeanne's Internet businesses brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It’s because she cares more about her clients and students than her own return. Now, Jeanne has compiled the best overall social marketing product yet this year.

    I would never offer THIS MUCH for SO LITTLE.

    Just assume she's having a senior moment and take advantage of it before she realizes and pulls it off the shelf!"

    ~ Uncle Bruce

    "Social posting is one of the basic and most important things I do for my clients and for my own agency. Nothing keeps your company name and image front and center better than regular, high-quality, helpful, and informative social posts. Jeanne Kolenda and her crew have been in charge of social posting for my agency and all of my clients for several years now, and there is rarely a hiccup in the process. Her social collateral is second to none, and the professionalism she and her staff bring to the process is without equal ... and I've tried a few.

    So, when she told me she was about to launch her new Social Agency Kit, I didn't even need to see it. I said, "I'm in."

    I don't know what the launch price is, and I don't care. I'm in. And if you're looking for a way to get your agency noticed ... by a LOT of potential clients ... you should be in too."

    David Perkins

    Social Media Toolworks

    Los Angeles

    Here's What You'll Receive By


    Training On How To Set Up All Social Media Accounts

    60 Social Media Graphics for ALL 8 Platforms with Comments (480 Total)

    Training On How To See Analytics Within Each Platform

    Private Facebook Group! 

    Fully Editable WordPress Site for Social Media Agencies

    Basic Sales Training by Jeanne (Video)

    See the screenshots of the full website below.


    Q: Give it to me straight; Does this multiple social platform really make a difference?

    A: Absolutely...you can't compare a single social media platform to an 'Army' of Eight platforms. The coverage and reach blows up anything you've done before. Even if you only add a few platforms to your existing collection, the difference will surprise you.

    Q: Isn't this a lot more work?

    A: I'd be lying if I said it wasn't INITIALLY more effort to set up...BUT, once you have the accounts established AND follow our system, it may will just takes minutes per week. It's the ROI that matters- this approach rocks!

    Q: What if I only want to add a couple of social platforms? Would that be worth it?

    A: For sure. Each new platform ramps up your exposure and brings you in contact with an entirely new audience. Each platform adds another 'layer' to you or your clients' reach.

    Q: Can I get rich doing this?

    A: I can't answer that. It's not something I can predict and the FTC does not allow extreme claims like that anyway. I can tell you this is a good plan and I'm doing it myself.

    Q: Isn't social media overly crowded?

    A: Have you even been to Disney World? Everything that is popular is also crowded! But if it's crowded, by definition there's CROWDS there...which is what you want. I never worry about competition, just about finding time to go to the bank. Ha.

    Q: Will we get support to implement this?

    A: Yes, I'm known for my support. I have a full time staff, which very few marketers have. PLUS I have a Facebook Group with over 1,000 members where we help each other. I promise you I am not hiding out in my basement!

    Q: Why even reveal this information?

    A: The short answer is, I value relationships more than money. Of course we all need money to live, but I'm about more than that. I want you to grow in your career and pass on the success to others. There is no scarcity, just opportunity in my world.

    Due to the nature of the digital assets in this offer, there are NO REFUNDS! When you purchase, you can't exactly "give them back." And why would you, anyway? 

    Also, please be advised you cannot resell these images; they are for your personal use. 

    For support: Contact [email protected]   

    That will take you to our Zendesk support ticket system which is monitored constantly. You can expect a reply typically on the same day.

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